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What OfficeHounds is all about

We’re a family-run social media agency backed by the best remote team, trained to create spectacular social media content. Above all else, we care about being of service to our customers. We always let you check your social media content before it gets published, so you get content you want.

We’d love to support your business by sorting your social media for you at an affordable price. Over the years, we’ve seen time and time again that consistency matters when it comes to social media marketing. We’ve worked hard to streamline our processes, so we can keep our prices affordable enough that you can keep up your social media marketing for the long-term.

Jon Langley

Jon Langley

Sales Director

Chris Langley

Chris Langley

Social Media HELPaholic & Co-Founder

Maggie Langley

Maggie Langley

Social Media HELPaholic & Co-Founder

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Our Story

10 years ago, 11 years ago in 2009, OfficeHounds was started in England as a Virtual Assistance business by me, Maggie Langley. I was a small-town Iowa gal who found herself happily married to a Londoner, Chris Langley, and spent 15 years in the fantastic UK, full of good humour (or humor), proper ‘real ale’, rugby, history…seriously, don’t get me started about all that I love about my old home of 15 years. Let’s get back to our business story.





After being made redundant or ‘laid off’ from an office job, I used my freedom and extra money to start OfficeHounds.

For a giggle, when preparing this email, I had a look at our old British website officehounds on the Waybackmachine.

I’d included the quote…
‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

What an appropriate quote for a no-nothing-wannabe-business-woman! The startup of the business was approached with great enthusiasm and that enthusiasm and fortitude carried the business through difficult times. When the business was still fairly young, my husband had a major surgery for Cauda Equina Syndrome that left him with a permanent disability. Enthusiasm and necessity pushed me to grow the business when it was our only source of income. I became a Virtual Assistant for a woman who earned an MBE (award from the Queen) for her service to British small businesses.  I relentlessly learned and listened to the needs of small businesses in the UK and moved into social media marketing. So many small business owners were struggling with this and needed affordable support. A highlight during my time in the UK was doing social media for a non-profit tech startup that was a community crowdfunding platform. I was proud to earn my place on the Board of Directors and even more proud to be invited to attend two meetings at the Palace of Westminster!



Other highlights included working closely with Alan Barrell the then, Entrepreneur in residence at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Here’s an interview I did with him about his book to help Entrepreneurs, ‘Show Me the Money’

It was also fun interviewing Lasse Mäkelä, CEO of Invesdor about Crowdfunding in Europe.

Another source of business fun was the Whitstable Business TweetUp that I co-founded with 2 other local business people at a beautiful venue with windows overlooking the sea. My business buddies have continued running it, and it’s still going strong today, having expanded to two other neighbouring (or neighboring) towns. (UPDATE – It’s on hold because of Covid19.)



Above all, the absolute biggest highlight of OfficeHounds was when my husband Chris joined the business. We applied for his Green card and planned our ‘Great Escape’ to Iowa in August 2015.

Here’s us right after his greencard got approved at the U.S. Embassy in London! In 2019, he became a citizen of the USA!



We waited to move until our quirky and stubborn Basset Hounds named Dave and Iris (the inspiration for the business name OfficeHounds) passed away from old age. Then we packed up our stuff and moved to a small town with a population of 500 people in Iowa. 



Don’t be too sad folks. We adopted a black Bassador (part Labrador part Basset Hound) named Gordon on Black Friday a few years ago, so OfficeHounds still has an OfficeHound. He came to us with a love of scarves, and he’s pretty good at sleeping on the job. 



To return to our business story, we were invited by a global marketing firm to put in a proposal to give them a white label version of our social media product. This is how we started our journey as a white label reseller. We still have British clients who have been with us since our Virtual Assistant days, but our business focus is now entirely on social media marketing. We’re proud to have an excellent remote team who help us to consistently deliver quality social media content to our growing list of customers. It’s a happy life here in the ‘Field of Dreams’, Iowa.

Our brother, Jon Langley, is our superb Sales Director in the UK. He takes care of everything for us across the pond. Most likely, if you’re in the UK, Jon will be the first person you speak with at OfficeHounds. 

We’re glad to be connected with you and hope you’ll join us to see what’s in store for OfficeHounds in the next 10 years!


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